Call for Papers

Suggested Topics

1. Microwave, Millimeter and Nanometer Components, Devices and Circuits

2. Optoelectronic Devices and Technology

3. Monolithic Integrated Circuit Technology

4. Microwave-Photonics

5. Optical Amplifiers

6. Optical Networks

7. Wireless and Mobile Subsystems and Devices

8. Wireless and Optical Local Area Networks

9. Metropolitan and Wide Area Networks

10. Modulation Techniques for Cellular and HDTV

11. Microwave and Optical Sensors

12. Microwave and Optical Measurements

13. Field Theory and Guided Waves

14. Computational Electromagnetics

15. Numerical Methods in Microwave and Photonics

16. Electromagnetic Compatibility

17. Antenna Analysis and Design

18. Adaptive, Active, and Smart Antennas

19. Indoor and Urban Propagation Modeling

20. Radio Propagation and Remote Sensing

21. Radio and Radar Meteorology

22. Satellite Communications

23. Biomedical Technologies and Effects

24. Industrial Applications

25. Broadband Access Technologies

26. Military Applications

27. Microwave Education

28. Silicon-Photonic

29. Millimeter Waves, Sub-Terahertz and Terahertz Application