Regulation (8º Fifer)

1. Submissions
1.1. The VIII International Ethnographic Film Festival of Recife will take place in Recife, 
Brazil in 2017. The Festival aims to present and reward films and video productions completed since 2015 that have recognized technical quality. We encourage the submission of film productions from Brazil and abroad on contemporary sociocultural themes, related to people, social groups and historical processes of anthropological interest. The Festival is accepting film entries from April 5 until May 31, 2017. The submission process is free of charge.

1.2. The films included in the festival will be selected by members of the Organizing Committee and by a Commission of Curators, chosen by the Committee for this purpose.

1.3. Film entries must include the application form fully completed. The form can be accessed at the following URL http:// or at must also submit: two photographs taken from the film and one photo of the director (or team), all photos must be in TIFF or JPG format (the minimum length is 13cm); plus the link to the movie (with password, if protected), according to the instructions on the registration form.

1.4. To participate in the selection applicants must:
a) Complete the registration form available on the website;
b) Attach the required photos;
c) Provide a link to the full movie or submit it through a transfer service (such as Wetransfer, Dropbox, Googledrive or others). 
d) Send a scan of the signed consent letter. 
1.5. Films made in a language other than Portuguese should be subtitled or accompanied by a digital translation into Portuguese of the dialogues, titles, and written or spoken text.
1.6. The filmmakers of the selected films will be invited to attend the Festival, but the Festival board will not bear the costs.

2. Jury and Awards

2.1. The Jury of the competitive exhibition will be made up of professionals from the audio-visual and cultural fields. The Jury will be announced before July 31. Jury members will not be allowed to participate in the competitive exhibition. Members of the Festival’s Organizing Commission cannot be part of the Jury or take part in the competitive exhibition. The decision of the Jury is final.

2.2. The Jury will assign the following awards:

– Best Ethnographic Film
– Best Documentary

The audience and participants in the Festival will choose the Best Film in the category of Popular Jury.

2.3. The Organizing Commission of the VII International Ethnographic Film Festival of Recife reserves the right to suggest specific recommendations in line with the assessments of the Jury.

3. Additional Provisions

3.1. With the prior permission of those who own the property rights, the documentary films in the official festival program will be made available on the Festival website. 
3.2. The films selected for the Competitive Exhibition and other screenings (non- competitive) of the VIII International Ethnographic Film Festival will be announced on July 31, 2017.

3.3. The submission of the registration form implies full acceptance of the above regulations, including the use of personal information included in the application form for non-commercial use.

Recife, April 1, 2017.

Renato Athias
General Coordinator of the VII International Ethnographic Film Festival Recife.