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Camadas Finas II

Centro de Estudos e Ensaios em Risco e Modelagem Ambiental

Campaign Name : Camadas Finas II – Spatiotemporal heterogeneities and responses to climate changes in oceanic environments of Northeast Brazil
Objective : The project Camadas Finas II aims to evaluate the spatial and temporal heterogeneity of tropical oceanic environments to determine the response patterns of these environments and their resilience to climate changes that will affect the north-northeast of Brazil in this century.
Cruise Period : 16SEP2012 (Recife/ PE) – 05OCT2012 (Fortaleza/ CE)
Limits : North : 0.0  South : 0.0  West : 0.0  East : 0.0
Ship Name : NHo. Cruzeiro do Sul
Chief Scientist(s) :
Project :
Responsible Laboratory : Laboratório de Zooplâncton / DOCEAN
Universidade Federal de Pernambuco – UFPE
Summary of
Measurements :
Contact : NEUMANN-LEITAO Sigrid
Comments :


CITATION: NEUMANN-LEITAO Sigrid (2012) Heterogeneidades espaço-temporais e respostas às mudanças climáticas em ambientes oceânicos do Nordeste do Brasil. Camadas finas II cruise, NHo. Cruzeiro do Sul.



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